Guyan is an emerging mixed media artist working from his studio in Hertfordshire, England. Combining two of his great loves black and white landscape photography, often of coastal scenes taken around the great British Coastline, with screen printing (and occasionally with other media just because).

Having studied art and graphic design before going on to study creative advertising and photography at the University of Lincoln, graduating with a 1st, Guyan has spent the last 15 years working in the advertising industry. However, in recent years he has returned to making his own work, primarily as a tonic and healthy distraction to help deal with anxiety.

Inspired by the likes of Ansel Adams as a child, he continues to explore landscape photography, whilst his screen print designs often bring these to life with a big dollop of colour or metallic ink. His designs usually also include a bit of cheeky observational humour or the odd profanity (as life’s too short to be boring).

When not featuring quintessential British Seaside themes or other images from his own collection his work often plays around with subjects such as history, mental health, 80’s nostalgia, or simply stuff to stop and make you smile (or run away and scream to your mummy about).

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